Connecticut Business Cash Advance

Getting a business cash advance in Connecticut can make a lot of sense for business owners.

Do you own a business in Connecticut? Have you tried to get a business loan lately? It’s harder and harder to qualify for a bank loan these days. That’s why you may want to learn more about our Connecticut business cash advance loans.  They are getting more looks from forward thinking business owners.

connecticut_business_cash_advance-150x150Connecticut Business Cash Advance

A Connecticut business cash advance helps business owners who do business in Connecticut get the cash their businesses need to function and grow. It is popular for a lot of reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is it is very easy to get approved for a Connecticut business cash advance; much easier than a commercial bank loan.

A bank loan seems like a good deal at first glance.  The loan rates can be favorable and it just seems like the proper way to fun your Connecticut business. Well, a funny thing happened on the way to get a loan. Most business owners do not qualify. Less than twenty percent of business owners who apply get a business loan from a bank. That leaves a lot of Connecticut business owners in trouble. That’s where a Connecticut business cash advance comes in handy.

We approve over ninety percent of Connecticut business cash advance applications. Our high approval rates for cash advances means more and more Connecticut business owners get the opportunity to build their companies. We like to feel that we are a big part of our clients’ successes.  They tell us without their COnnecticut business cash advance, they would not be as big a business as they are today. We take pride knowing that our Connecticut business cash advance loans are making a difference in our community.

Just because we approve so many people does not mean we offer a sub-par product. Quite the contrary. Our rates are competitive, but we have many others benefits. Believe it or not, we are a more secure option than a bank loan. Seriously. A Connecticut business cash advance is safer. How so? Well, for starters, we do not ask you to put up collateral.  Not at all. We offer an unsecure Connecticut business cash advance.

Banks want collateral. It is their security if you fail to repay them. Our Connecticut business cash advance loan is an unsecured form of a business loan. Why is that important? Well, it means that you do not have to worry should something go wrong.  That is how we structure our Connecticut business cash advance loans. We assume the risks. This is one of the reasons our clients use us for their Connecticut business cash advance loans.

There are some loans that require you to personally guarantee the loan.  Please.  Stay away from this type of loan.  It is bad enough to put your business property on the line. Your home property? Never, in out opinion. Explain that to your spouse if things go south.Always think about using a Connecticut business cash advance before entering into a collateral or personal guaranteed loan. Your employees and family will thank you.

connecticut-business-cash-advance-150x150Connecticut Business Cash Advance Loan

We can lend you up to $2,000,000 in the form of a Connecticut business cash advance.  That money can be used for any purpose.  We do not restrict your usage as well.  Sure.  Use the funds for your business.  But also feel free to use it for your personal issues as well.  We have many customers who use the funds from their Connecticut business cash advance for personal needs.  It is your money to do with as you need.

We also work with you to make paying back your Connecticut business cash advance easy as well. We will customize a payback plan that works for you.  We make it easy to pay back your Connecticut business cash advance. We do it everyday for Connecticut business owners.  Why not you?

Give us a call at (866) 739-5558.  We are hear to listen to your specific situation and help.  We can find a Connecticut business cash advance that works for your business.