Louisiana Business Cash Advance

A Louisiana business cash advance can be the financial tool you have been looking for.

If you are a business owner in the State of Luisiana, I have good news. You are no longer limited to your banker when it comes to get cash for your business. You can now get a Louisiana business cash advance instead.  It has many advantages.  Here are some of the program’s highlights. We feel that after you read them, you will know why so many business owners are switching from banks loans.

louisiana_business_cash_advanceLouisiana Business Cash Advance

A Louisiana business cash advance has high approval rates. How high?  We approve over ninety percent of Luisiana business owners looking for an advance or loan. Do you know how well that compares to banks?  They only approve around seventeen percent. Why the big difference? If we look a tad closer, we can see why.

Banks have very high lending standards at the moment.  And it does not look like they are dropping them anytime soon. The main barrier is their credit score stance.  You need perfect credit to get a loan from them. Not so for a Louisiana business cash advance. We do not reject people who have a business that generates money, but do not have good personal credit.  That is why we can approve so many people for our Louisiana business cash advance loans.

If your business has a good history of bringing in money, shouldn’t you qualify for a business loan? Sure.  You may have had some issues while you were building your business.  Who survives building a business without some financial bruises? That’s just the real world.  Now that you can show some income, we can help.  We can help you get a Louisiana business cash advance.

We make it simple to get your Louisiana business cash advance. We do. We do not need all of the information the banks does. That means are process is more streamlined.  We have a one page Louisiana business cash advance loan application. You can get it done in no time at all. We ask that you send the completed form to us along with some bank statements. It is just that simple. There is no easier way to apply for a loan.

Once we get your Louisiana business cash advance application, we work on it right away.  There is not much for us to go over, so this goes quickly.  We have each Louisiana business cash advance application processed within one business day. You will get an answer right away. we are more than likely going to call you with good news. We do that for over 9 out of 10 people each day. Then, we go over the Louisiana business cash advance terms.

This is also not a big deal. We star by going over the numbers.  This is simple and to the point.  We do not use hard to understand terms.  We go over the loan terms in plain English. This is so you know what the terms are and are not surprised later on. There is nothing to worry about, it is just the way we like to do business.  We want everyone in the loop at all times.

After we go over the numbers, we go over some payment options. We have many business friendly ways to repay. We have one popular way that is really business friendly.  As your customers pay you, a small portion of those proceeds some to us.  It helps you repay the Louisiana business cash advance as you make money. There are no stresses on your end. You have no fixed loan payments. If you like this idea great. If not, pick another.  It is all part of how we make getting a Louisiana business cash advance simple.

louisiana-business-cash-advanceLouisiana Business Cash Advance Loan

Once we are all in agreement with the terms, we fund your Louisiana business cash advance.  This is also fast. We get the money to you within three business days. You then have the cash to build your business.  The entire process can take less than a business week. That’s good, but there is even a more important aspect of our Louisiana business cash advance loans we want to point out to you.

A Louisiana business cash advance is a safer way to get business cash.  We are safer than a bank loan. Seriously. We do not ask for any security like the banks do. Security is in the form of collateral.  They will ask you to put some of your business property or other assets up as collateral to secure them if you do not pay them back as agreed. This is a dangerous way to operate.

What if you try to expand, but some unplanned snags hit?  You could lose your collateral.  This is why many smart business owners like our Louisiana business cash advance.  They feel more secure. It truly is a safer way to go.

If a Louisiana business cash advance seems like something that might be good for your Louisiana based business, call us at (866) 739-5558.  We talk to Louisiana business owners all the time. Let’s see if we can find the right Louisiana business cash advance for your business.