Michigan Business Cash Advance

Michigan business cash advance loans are fueling a resurgence in Michigan business. Learn why.

Michigan business owners have a dilemma. They need cash for their business. But banks are not lending as they were before 2007. A Michigan business cash advance may be the right solution to their cash needs. There are many added benefits to a Michigan business cash advance over a bank loan. This post is designed to have you see if a Michigan business cash advance is right for you.

Let’ start out by looking at a business loan from a bank. It seems pretty easy.  You go to a bank. You apply for a loan. You wait for an approval. You walk away with your funds. Easy, right? Wrong. Getting a bank loan for your business is anything but easy.  First, their application process is very hard.  Have you tried to get a bank loan recently?  Then you know what I mean.  They look at every aspect of your financial life. They make you go through so many hoops. It is a very hard process…and it takes a lot of your time. A Michigan business cash advance has a different approach.

michigan_business_cash_advanceMichigan Business Cash Advance

A Michigan business cash advance has a simple process. It starts with our one page application. It is just a single sided, one page business loan application. You can fill out our Michigan business cash advance application while you eat your breakfast. It is that easy. We then ask that you send the application back with some recent business bank statements. That’s all there is to filling out our Michigan business cash advance application. Can you think of a bank offering a process this easy? I did not think so.

Some of you may be asking this question. “How can filling out a Michigan business cash advance application be so much easier than the banks?”.  Good question. It is because we look at your business revenues, not your personal or business credit scores. This means even people who might not have applied for a loan in the past now can.

Banks love to look at credit scores. You know that. We all know that. Have you ever applied for any type of credit online? You know when they say 60 second approval? You know all they do is a simple credit check.  Your credit is not perfect? Join the rest of us. They will cut you down in under a minute if you do not meet their high credit standards. Banks are the same way with business loans. Not so with a Michigan business cash advance. Your credit score does not affect your approval.

Think of it this way. Credit shows your previous financial state. Your revenue show us where you are today. Today is more important to us than yesterday. At least that is what we feel. A Michigan business cash advance rewards business owners who have made it past the initial stages of running their Michigan based business. We reward you with high Michigan business cash advance approval ratios.

Banks approve less than 70% of Michigan business owners who apply for one of their business loans. A Michigan business cash advance has over a 90% approval rate. This is a major reason why so many Michigan business owners come to us to fund their businesses.

A Michigan business cash advance also keeps you where you need to be.  Running your business. Our application process is fast.  That leaves you time to run your business. But we keep things rolling along. Once you apply we can approve you for a Michigan business cash advance in less than a day. We may not be that fast on the weekends. Please keep that in mind. On the average, we approve our Michigan business cash advance loans in less than one business day. No waiting. No worrying if you are going to be approved. You get to know right away about your Michigan business cash advance status.

Once you get your Michigan business cash advance approval call, we go over a few things with you. This is not a hard or long process either.  We just want to keep you in the loop regarding your Michigan business cash advance. We also tell you about your repayment options.  You can pay us back in a number of ways. Our most popular way is to tie your Michigan business cash advance repayment to your income.  As your business receives money a small part comes to us to repay your Michigan business cash advance. No fixed payments with this option.  Most business do not even feel this payment. You get to choose what is best for you.

At this point we also let you know that your Michigan business cash advance is an unsecured form of a loan. This is a good deal for you. Why? You have no collateral issues. You also have no personal guarantees to worry about either. A Michigan business cash advance is a safer way to get a loan. It is much safer than a bank business loan.  Keep that in mind when you are comparing a Michigan business cash advance to a bank loan.  It is very important. A Michigan business cash advance cab keep your business and personal assets safe in case of an emergency.

Michigan-business-cash-advanceMichigan Business Cash Advance Loans

Once you know all there is to know about your Michigan business cash advance, we sign and fund the loan.  We will put the Michigan business cash advance monies into your bank account in ruffly 2 to 3 days.  You will then have the monies you need to grow your business. A Michigan business cash advance is as simple, fast and safe as that. But there is one more thing I would like to point out about our Michigan business cash advance loan program.

You can use the monies anyway you please. It’s true. We do not stop you from spending your Michigan business cash advance on personal needs. Need a car for a son or daughter but do not have the cash? Think Michigan business cash advance. Do you need to get money for a down payment on a new piece of property? Again, think Michigan business cash advance.  There are a ton of examples on how you can use a Michigan business cash advance in your personal life.  You get the picture. I’m sure.  You are never limited with a Michigan business cash advance.

If this is something you would like to proceed with, or if you have question, call us at (866) 739-5558. We talk to Michigan based business owners all the time. We do it for no cost and without any obligation to use us or our services. Call today and you may have your Michigan business cash advance fund in just days.